||Introducing Allora

Introducing Allora


After months of behind-the-scenes work I’m delighted to officially announce Avvio’s latest innovation – Allora; the world’s first booking engine that’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Allora has been a journey of well over 18 months for the team here at Avvio and it has been in many ways, our most ambitious project since we launched our first booking engine back in 2001. Allora, which translates to ‘come on’ or ‘let’s go’ from its Italian heritage, was born out of a desire to be constantly innovating and moving the industry forward by making the latest technology more widely available, and of course to continue growing your direct channel.

Using Allora, you’ll be able to leverage Machine Learning to maximise your direct bookings in a more data driven and precise manner than ever before.

Enjoy finding out more about Allora, and please let us know your thoughts and comments using #AlloraAI or email [email protected].


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