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The World’s First Booking Engine Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Introducing Allora

Being a hotelier in today’s world can be incredibly frustrating. Hoteliers are gathering more guest data than ever before through their website but the prospect of creating worthwhile insights from these mountains of data can be overwhelming.

Thanks to its machine learning algorithims, Allora is constantly learning and evolves with every interaction. It watches and learns from what’s currently happening, and what has happened in the past, so that it can optimise the booking journey and drive conversions.

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Allora has three core features:

Allora is more advanced, more adaptive and more intelligent than any other direct booking engine. By orchestrating better online interactions between hotels and guests, Allora focuses primarily on driving direct bookings and guest loyalty through a dynamic user experience.

1. Machine Learning – Hotel Level Learning Models

Our Learning Models work hard to learn what’s working and what isn’t. With the best-case scenarios identified, Allora then optimises the booking experience by adjusting the configurations in real time.

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2. Networked Intelligence – Network Level Learning Models

Unearthing patterns in your own small data can be difficult and time consuming so Allora leverages what it’s learning from across our portfolio of hotels to the benefit of everyone.

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3. Recommender Engine – Personalised Recommendations

Our proprietary Recommender Engine leverages Artificial Intelligence to deliver contextually relevant messaging in real time. Allora improves the experience and outcome for every critical customer interaction to create a great guest experience from the start.

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Allora is the world’s first booking platform to be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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