||Experience is King

Experience is King


Many of the largest businesses in these industries are already using AI. Uber uses AI functionality in its mobile app to provide valuable information to its drivers such as the correct fare, the ideal route drivers should take, upcoming traffic and arrival time. Airbnb leverages their own AI programme, Aerosolve to advise their hosts on the likelihood of receiving a stay at a certain price point. These major travel companies are using AI to make interfaces both simple and smart in ways we would have previously never thought possible.


Experience is king

A frustrating user interface will be infuriating for your website visitors, and will drive them towards a more intuitive experience elsewhere. Online travel agents (OTAs) capitalise on this by using AI to improve on an already significant market share.

This might seem straightforward for multi-national corporations with large technology budgets, but how can smaller accommodation providers benefit from creating an AI strategy without breaking the bank?

Launching in October, Allora will be the first booking engine powered by AI. By using machine learning, Allora can draw meaning from every onsite interaction – helping accommodation providers to deliver more tailored and unique direct booking experiences, and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Allora uses Learning Models to analyse large volumes of data, and identify which variations will yield the best configuration for your property. Allora organises and analyses the large tranches of information that hoteliers receive every day, while building on Networked Intelligence across Avvio’s collective hotel partners. You won’t be limited to information about your own property, Allora is always learning and adjusting your AI strategy based on data from properties similar to yours.


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