||Active, Automated Learning

Active, Automated Learning


Hotels gather massive amounts of data every day and yet have very few ways to effectively interpret the trends that this data represents. Using sophisticated Learning Models, Allora can break down this data and learn what is and isn’t converting on your website; effectively optimising the elements and page layout shown on your website for the best chance to convert every time.

By orchestrating better online interactions between you and your customers, Allora will create feedback loops so that these improvements are constantly being built upon. This means that the more you convert on your website, the smarter Allora gets.

Understanding the trends within your hotel’s own data is vital for any property’s success, but having a purely inward focus often misses out key information. Allora provides a macro view of what’s happening in the market through anonymised and blended data from similar properties within the Allora network. At a glance, you’ll be able to compare your performance against the market average and learn what is and isn’t working for similar hotels.


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