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The premium booking platform for hotels and accommodation providers

We guarantee growth in direct business through our booking engine.

Avvio is the leading direct booking platform and digital agency for hotels and accommodation providers.

Founded in 2002, Avvio has grown year-on-year by developing cutting-edge technologies that enable hotels to drive outstanding growth in direct bookings, while reducing their dependence on online travel agency channels.

In October 2017, Avvio was the first company in the world to provide the hospitality industry with a booking engine driven by artificial intelligence.

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Access to unrivalled industry expertise.

We’ve been partnering hotels since 2002 to help them build their brand online and drive transformative direct-booking growth.

At Avvio, we champion direct conversion. To complement our booking engine technology, our supporting services aim to help deliver not just more traffic, but traffic that’s primed to convert. Our services include ROI-driven digital marketing, designing websites that are best optimised to support and encourage users through the booking journey, online brand building and consultancy that will help you optimise your online distribution to ensure you grow more margin per booking.

Our partners

Avvio partners with over 600 accommodation providers worldwide including Great National Hotels & Resorts, Ashford Castle, Classic British Hotels, Pure Salt Luxury Hotels and Cheval Residences.

“Ultimately Allora is more than a booking engine, it’s a conversation platform, which is genuinely trying to curate a more refined and more appropriate experience for each website visitor. That may be a conversation about loyalty, a booking or an upsell. We can’t continue to provide all customers with the same conversation.”





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€ 280m

Hotel revenue processed annually

Meet the team

Avvio has experts working on Allora from teams such as Engineering, Software, Creative and Marketing. Here’s an introduction to some of the team who’ve been involved with creating Allora.

Frank Reeves
Frank ReevesCo-founder and CEO
Frank has acquired a reputation for being the hoteliers’ brand.com champion. Since co-founding Avvio in 2002, Frank has led Avvio to grow year-on-year, by developing cutting-edge technologies that enable outstanding growth in direct bookings, while reducing their dependence on online travel agent channels.
Martin Grogan
Martin GroganTechnical Director
Martin and his team are responsible for the technical architecture and engineering of Allora, and our other products and services. Martin has been an integral part of the product development team for the past 18 months, and has been building Allora with others within Engineering to create the world’s first AI booking engine.
Product Development Team
Product Development Team
Avvio’s experienced product development team has been pioneering innovation in hotel booking engine design and functionality since 2002. That innovative journey led us in 2016 to begin investing our research and development efforts into exploring AI.

Discover AI powered bookings

Allora is the world’s first booking platform to be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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