Allora uses AI for continuous learning

Constantly optimising to achieve better outcomes for every hotel and accommodation provider using the platform. Allora watches and learns from what’s happening now, and what has happened in the past. It explores data to understand behaviours and help hoteliers to make the right decisions for your property.

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“Allora leverages some of the most innovative recent advancements in mainstream AI.

This exciting new development has the potential to completely transform the hotel booking market.”

Professor Peter Stone, Chair, 100 Year Study on AI 2016, Stanford & President & COO | Cogitai, Inc.

The Impact of AI on improving hotel booking rates

Allora can help your property

By using artificial intelligence, Allora will find an optimal configuration to maximise conversion.

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Experience is King

Many of the largest businesses in these industries are already using AI. Uber uses AI functionality in its mobile app to provide valuable information to its drivers such as the correct fare, the ideal route drivers should take, upcoming traffic and arrival time.

Introducing Allora

After months of behind-the-scenes work I’m delighted to officially announce Avvio’s latest innovation – Allora; the world’s first booking engine that’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Recommender Engine

When it comes to providing great customer experience – few things are as powerful as the right content at the right time. Our proprietary Recommender System leverages artificial intelligence to deliver contextually relevant messaging in real time

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“Avvio grew our direct bookings by €1 million within their first 12 months of partnering with us. They are the clear leaders in making hotels more competitive online.”

Patrick Coyle, CEO, Windward Management, Europe

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Avvio partners with over 450 accommodation providers worldwide including Great National Hotels & Resorts, Ashford Castle, Classic British Hotels, Pure Salt Luxury Hotels and Cheval Residences.

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Allora is the world’s first booking platform to be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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